*Turbine Installation:

Hi-Tech Towers, Inc.(HTTI) formed its Wind Power Division to serve the fastest growing sector of renewable energy in North America. The principle of electricity is simply “make the turbine turn.” With enough wind farms constructed around the world, wind power has the potential of supplying the world’s demand for electricity, thus reducing dependency on dwindling reserves of fossil fuels. Usage of clean wind power systems can realize immediate benefits for the environment. With HTTI combined strengths of experience in heavy industrial construction, heavy highway/road building capabilities, and heavy rigging and lifting, the addition of wind power construction to HTTI broad list of services was a natural development.

Electric Power Generation using wind technology is a segment of the power industry that is growing rapidly. With the passage of the Federal Production Tax Credits the race is on to build wind turbines that will become a part of the US energy solution. Owners and contractors alike can benefit from the expertise of HTTI in executing these fast paced and often challenging projects from the Assessments to the Foundation and Turbine installation.