*Met Tower Services:

Hi-Tech Towers, Inc. (HTTI) specializes in meteorological (met) tower installations, wind data collection and assessment. Met towers are used at the early stages of a wind development project. The towers are equipped with instrumentation, which collect wind data at various heights to ensure suitable wind speeds for wind energy projects. Our experienced staff has installed many met towers throughout North America. HTTI has worked with many consulting engineers, financial institutions, investors and private developers to ensure that documentation during the installation process is accurate and to their specifications, thereby saving valuable time and money.

   We can provide or install a various number of met tower, 30, 50, 60, 80 and 100 meter towers can be installed.  A full line of instrumentation and communication units are available for your wind measuring project. Met towers are an important piece of the puzzle for wind energy development. Monitored, accurate wind data is essential to gain investment interest in a project. The wind industry is moving towards the increased use of met towers due to their accurate data and reliable history. Time and wind data are extremely valuable during the wind development process, what are you waiting for?