Mait. & Insp.

Maintenance and Inspection:

Keeping your investment maintained and Inspected will keep you from costly repair or down time. Hi-Tech Towers, Inc. can provide you comfort knowing that your network is compliant, operating safely and effective to reduce your risk and cost over time.

Hi-Tech Towers, Inc. and their experience and knowledge crews can perform maintenance and inspection to keep your towers Compliant and safety needs quarterly and annually. Hi-Tech Towers, Inc. can offer tower plumb and retentions, tower inspections (with bulb changes), tower mapping, tower painting, weather damages, site clean ups, tree removal, weed control, site troubleshooting or miscellaneous repairs. Our maintenance and inspection crews have been Involved with Local and State agency to large and small corporations and the Utility sector and the ever growing transportation sector.

Hi-Tech Towers, Inc. prides itself on the Quality that it providing its customers and the experience of tower construction, antenna and line installation and broadcast service that it has performed over the years. To give it Clients the most complete and comprehensive report possible.